On a recent Family Office Association podcast, founder Angelo Robles delved into the ever-changing world of energy markets and decarbonization, and the unforeseen impacts on financial markets.

Angelo interview featured analysis from Jim Murchie. CEO of Energy Income Partners, and was underwritten by the Accordia Group and Ruby Carbon.

Jim is the advisor, and the manager of the First Trust Low Carbon Strategy, which invests exclusively in a portfolio of companies in the regulated utility space.

Jim recently sat down with Angelo Robles, Founder of the Family Office Association, to discuss some of the real issues, opportunities and blind spots around decarbonization.

“There is a race to net-zero. The means of production are changing and new markets are forming to meet the goals being set by government and boards of directors,” said Murchie.

“Policy direction in the face of climate change, geopolitical and economic has undergone fundamental change and there is more to come,” addes Robles.

According to Murchie, “Despite European leadership in the adoption of renewable power, US utilities have been at the forefront of a pronounced 12% reduction in US carbon emissions, being responsible for 80% of this figure.”

Jim brings to the discussion 30 years of industry and investment experience ranging from the drill bit to the burner tip and beyond. His insights into the market will be helpful to anyone interested in investing in the energy sector or carbon credit trading.

See the full interview at the Family Office Association here.