Agility Alpha™

Ruby Asset Management
Insight, Speed and Control

Agility Alpha™

Ruby Asset Management
Insight, Speed and Control

About Ruby

Since 2004, our team has developed over a half dozen custom portfolio management systems covering all asset classes and supporting a wide range of investment strategies. Ruby is the product of all these years of experience working with portfolio managers and their COOs to provide solutions to their specialized challenges, while at the same time pushing the boundaries of financial technology.

A Systematic Approach

Ruby improves operational performance by taming complexity and breaking down informational and functional silos within your fund.

Our expertise and unique virtual warehousing approach to portfolio management provides you with the operational reliability and flexibility you need to compete effectively in today’s complex, fast-moving, and high-risk markets.

Whether used to manage an entire fund, or to simplify a complex step in your current process, Ruby is more than a portfolio management platform. It is a software-enabled methodology backed by a seasoned team that you can turn to for solid advice and trustworthy support.

We take the time to truly understand your business and help you achieve your goals.

Powered by Expertise

And Software-Enabled Flexibility

Ruby’s core strength is flexibility. Through an out-of-the-box software toolset, Ruby can be expanded, enhanced and tailored to your needs, no matter the size of your fund.

Ruby’s set of flexible objects and processes allow you to make changes on the fly, scale as you grow and add capabilities as you evolve.

With real-time straight-through processing, customizable analytics, powerful what-if scenarios, and dependable feedback loops, you can confidently make informed decisions, quickly identify strategic opportunities, and implement controls to mitigate operational risk.

To Deliver Agility Alpha

Take a Deeper Dive - Get to Know Our Platform

Model Any Asset

Easily model and natively manage any product your portfolio manager decides to trade or invest in from inception to close-out.

Implement Any Valuation and Risk Methodology

Capture your fund’s unique pricing and risk methodology in real time and end of day. Seamlessly integrate to third-party pricing libraries to cover bespoke products with unique valuation requirements.

Automate as Much as Possible

Avoid manual data entry that can cause costly human errors and compliance violations by automating as many processes as possible.

Raise Real-Time Alerts

Monitor the correctness and consistency of the data in your system, and notify your users when action needs to be taken.

Reconcile it All

Run continuous trade, position and cash reconciliation with your business partners as soon as data becomes available.

Report on Anything

Make reporting really simple. Create, share and automate anything from basic reports that support the day-to-day function of your various departments, to the high-end, professional reports that your upper management and investors demand.

Go Cloud-Native

Achieve out-of-the-box security, load balancing and disaster recovery.

Explore Our Services

Our product support group grew out of our fund management consulting practice. You can leverage their extensive industry experience and expert knowledge of Ruby to quickly achieve your goals.

Our team of implementation specialists is ready to provide you with subject matter expertise to create custom tailored implementation plans, that suit your organization the best.

Services Highlights

Do It Right the First Time

Prior to Ruby implementation, our experts will help you analyze your business requirements, and assist you in creating an effective implementation plan. This will assure that you get your implementation done right the first time, and avoid technical debt downstream.

Accelerate Time to Value

We work in partnership with your team and technical staff to load and reconcile your data, and customize Ruby to your business needs. Our experts will help you achieve value faster, and prevent common implementation mistakes.

Get More from Your Platform

We provide extensive training, and partner with your team to make sure that you extract maximum value from Ruby. Our team is available to offer value added services such as report customization, and integration with other mission-critical systems, to assure you get your desired business results.

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Learn how to improve operational and decision support, automate your fund’s workflows, leverage actionable position intelligence, manage risk, and compete more successfully in your chosen markets.